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AC Battery – Working, Features, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

AC Batteries can be used as ready-to-use AC source during power failures. Here, its working principle, features, advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

How AC Battery Works

AC battery is a special battery / battery bank which has built-in circuitry (just like Inverters). This built-in circuitry automatically provides AC output by converting DC output of battery internally.

These batteries may be used to provide portable AC output in remote locations far from main supply reach. AC battery may even be used as backup supply during unavailability of power.

AC Battery Enphase manufacturedFig. 1 – An enclosed ready-to-use AC battery

Battery features

Selection of a suitable battery completely depend on your needs. Broadly, we can identify these requirements in two main categories. They are :-

Short term power requirement

Most of the critical systems / equipment need an emergency power source which will give them some time for a graceful shutdown of the running application to avoid any data loss or loss of control in case of vital engineering processes/ medical procedures. At places small capacity deep discharge batteries may be used.

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Click here to know in detail about Short term power requirement.

Long term power requirement

系统ms/equipment which need high power for a comparatively long duration cannot depend on small batteries. At such places we need huge capacity batteries that can stand for a longer duration orLong term power requirement

AC Battery image

Fig. 2 – AC Battery image

Advantages of AC Battery

The various advantages of AC batteries are as follows: –

  • It acts really fast.
  • Shifting power supply to AC battery takes much less time when compared to other stand-by generators.
  • No/ Minimal Power loss
  • Pure sine wave o/p
  • No Frequency De-stabilization
  • High efficiency

Disadvantages of AC Battery

The disadvantages of AC batteries are as follows: –

  • Possible integration with trickle- charger or battery float
  • Limited capacity/duration in comparison to a generator.

Uses of AC Battery

The various uses of AC batteries are as follows: –

  • as UPS
  • as Emergency power
  • Load balancing for irregular energy sources like Wind, Solar and Wave energies

Additionally know aboutShort/long term power requirements in detail.

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