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Chegg Books – How to Rent & Return Chegg Books, Pause Subscription

Chegg Books is a textbook rental site that delivers books. This post shall discuss in detail about Chegg Books, how to rent & return textbooks, flashcards, coupons & eBooks by Chegg.

What are Chegg Books

Chegg Books provides digital and physical textbooks on a buy/rent/sell basis, referred to as Chegg Books. Not only this, Chegg Books delivers books at much cheaper rates at your doorstep when you buy from them. Also, shipping charges depend on their promos.

Introduction to Chegg Books

Fig. 1 – Introduction to Chegg Books

  • It also offers solutions to student queries, online tutoring, and other educational services.
  • Chegg has been a great money saver to students along with providing excellent learning.
  • Also, It covers a vast number of subjects across different education levels.
  • One has to create an account. Username and password can be unique, or Apple, Google or Facebook credentials can also use Chegg services.

Chegg Web Page

Fig. 2 – Chegg Web Page

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Chegg words came from the combination of the words egg and chicken. It was its founder’s struggle post-college. He could not get a job without experience or experience without a job scenario. Chegg, Inc. is an American educationtechnologycompany located in Santa Clara, California.

Textbook Rentals on Chegg

Fig. 3 – Textbook Rentals on Chegg

How to Rent Chegg Books

Once you make a list of required books, you may checkChegg Books homepage. If you click on the books icon, you get a drop-down of Rent/Buy, read, return, and sell. Now, suppose you select to rent and search your requirement using ISBN, author, or title of the book you can find its availability. Also, You can sign up for a free trial on Chegg.

  • Books include used and new books from various educational categories.
  • These ‘Used books’ have the advantage of discounts over new ones.
  • On selecting the rental option, you will have access to highlight your book (be nice not to spoil them)
  • Free shipping on rental returns and a 21-day refund guarantee.
  • A surprise is also included if you order a rental package.
  • You can now add this book to your cart.
  • Payments need to be made through a credit card or PayPal.
  • Avail free shipping on orders above $35.
  • Once you make the payment and confirm the order, you will now receive an e-book version of the textbook you ordered for seven days until you receive your order at your doorstep.
  • Chegg offers a four-week free trial on buying or renting a book, although a subscription charges you.

Rent Books

Fig. 4 – Finding Rental Books

e-Textbooks on Chegg

e-books are digital versions that come with searching and highlighting options. You can access e-textbooks on connected devices at lesser prices than physical books and can return e-books in 14 days. They are available for rent for 120-150 days, or you can buy them.


Fig. 5 – e-Textbooks on Chegg

Homework Help

Chegg offers study help on solving homework with 24/7 expert assistance. It has to be subscribed starting at $14.95/mo. Subscription includes textbook solutions stepwise for 9000 books, 24/7 expert assistance, access to millions of home answers. You may cancel your

subscription anytime. Beyond homework assistance, it offers practice exams, topic breakdown videos for challenging concepts and writing service with plagiarism and grammar helps 24-hour feedback and source citations.

Flashcards by Subject

Chegg also provides Flashcards by the subject that helps you study anywhere and make studies fun. You have the option to create flashcards for your friends, or you can use the available ones related to the subjects you need.


Fig. 6 – Flashcards

Chegg Study App for PC Windows or MAC

It can be used at ease on your PC, Windows, or MAC with the help of Chegg Study application

  • Get the Chegg Study app installed on your windows and Mac PCs for free.
  • Then install Android emulator.
  • Open the play store from the emulator home screen, search for the Chegg Study app, and download.
  • Honor code on the Chegg Study app for Windows saves from online cheating and misuse of services.

Chegg Coupons

这些优惠券可以在许多online sites. For the latest coupons with the best discounts, one needs to check in Chegg home page. You can avail of extra discounts on their services based on these coupon codes. Check Chegg Products and Services to find Chegg Coupons.


Fig. 7 – Some Examples of Chegg Coupons

Chegg Books Subscription

You need to subscribe to use the Chegg Study service. From here, you can access textbook solutions and expert Q&A 24/7 within 46 minutes of response time from experts. You can subscribe using any of the following payment types Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal Apple Pay (for iPhone or iPad users), Financial aid or scholarship funds dispersed as credit/debit card, or Chegg credit. No splitting of credit cards, personal checks, or money orders is accepted.

  • Chegg Study subscription will cost $14.95 per month.
  • Purchase Chegg Study Pack at $19.95 per month. Check their website for more details.
  • Chegg Math Solver subscription is charged at $9.95 per month.
  • Chegg Writing assistance with plagiarism, grammar check and citations is set at $9.95 per month.

Pausing Chegg Books Subscription

You may pause your subscription (up to six months). You can resume your subscription whenever you feel to get back on the orders page. During the pause, your charging will also be paused.

Canceling Chegg Books Subscription on iOS/App Store

Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the subscription:

  • Go to settings and select iTunes Store and AppStore.
  • Enter credentials.
  • In subscription, select ‘manage’.
  • Select the topic you had subscribed to and turn off auto-renewal.

Canceling Chegg Books Subscription for Windows OS

Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the subscription:

  • Visit Chegg’s homepage.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to Orders.
  • Go to subscription and cancel the subscribed topic.
  • Please give a reason for cancellation, and it’s done.
  • You will still have access to the subject till the current billing period ends.

How To Return Chegg Books

Returning physical books in Chegg is simple. You can print the shipping label from the Chegg site, pack the books, apply the label and drop it with postal services. However, Extension fines will be charged on delayed returns as 25% of the rental cost for ten days period. If not returned even after that period, you may have to pay the purchase amount.

Not only this, but You can also extend the rental period anytime. If the Rental books are used ones, they lack DVDs or CDs along. One may have to purchase a new book to avail of these benefits. Textbooks have to be returned in three months.


Chegg Books offers excellent services at a reasonable price. Further, they are a quick money saver, especially for students. Not only this, they offer 24/7 assistance to their subscribers. Chegg Study has been the reason for the academic success of many students. Apart from academics, Chegg also helps in skills like writing. You can get expert opinions on your assignments or thesis within 24 hours. Apart from classes, one may use Chegg to know about life and money matters.

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