Don't Do Fitness.  Live It.

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Fitness Programs

OpFit's fitness programs are customized to your own fitness goals and are constantly changing to create muscle confusion and consistent progression.

Coach J's workouts focus on building strength, endurance, intensity, core, balance, corrective exercises specific to any injury and more.  You are unique - and so are your workouts.

Coach J prescribes daily workouts and presents them in a simple fashion complete with links and videos to assist you with form and instruction.  His evolving workouts push you to meet and exceed your fitness goals.


  • 30 Day Program Option
  • 3 Month Program Option (Auto Renews each month for 3 months)

Included in Each Program:
  • Customized Workouts Provided in a Month Calendar Format
  • Weekly Photo/Measurement/Weight Check-Ins wtih Coach J
  • Instructions on Specific Exercises (video links and print)
  • Responses to Check-Ins/Fitness Questions within 48 Hours