Don't Do Fitness.  Live It.

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The 'Full Throttle Program'

Research shows that overall bodyfat loss and muscle gain greatly increases your results with the combination of the right nutrition and exercise.  


  • 30 Day Program Option
  • 3 Month Program Option (Auto Renews each month for 3 months)

OpFit's 'Full Throttle' Program offers the best of the best with:
  • Coach J's Customized Fitness Programs
  • Coach T's Customized Flexible Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Photo/Measurement/Weight Check-Ins 
  • Adjustments to Macros Weekly/Positive Feedback by Coach T
  • Workout Questions Answered/Positive Feedback by Coach J
  • Instructions on Exercises and Food Logging (video links and print)
  • Responses to All Check-Ins and Questions within 48 Hours

Maximize your results with Flexible Nutrition/Fitness Program Combo!