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Hybrid Switchgear

Hybrid switchgear is basically a compact switchgear in which the utilities of the AIS is interfaced with GIS. Here AIS stands for Air Insulated Switchgear and GIS stands for Gas Insulated Switchgear.

混合开关是一种浓缩的开关设备is mainly used in the renovation and extension of substations with AIS based switchgear where such modifications are required to be accomplished keeping the substation in service. Expensive land rates, unavailability of free land alongside and increasing intricate approval procedures have made ‘space and time’ the main cost factor in the development of substations. Hybrid switchgear provides the opportunity to adapt a substation to modern world’s demands in the express time and most importantly, without the requirement for further space as it has circuit breakers, switches, dis-connectors and transformers (all housed in a pressure defiant and gas tight enclosed space.

hybrid switchgear 1
hybrid switchgear

Why we need Hybrid Switchgear??

In today’s competitive and challenging world, everyone’s need for more and more energy recourse is increasing rapidly. In view of the above, the power substations are becoming more and more a vital resource to meet end users requirements successfully and economically. Current need of the time requires substations which fulfills the below mentioned requirements :-

  • should have high reliability
  • ™should have reduced and effective installation time
  • ™should require less space
  • ™should have simplified layout
  • ™should require minimal maintenance
  • should be cost effective (value for money)
  • ™should be environment friendly

It is therefore we can say that our modern world needs such type of power substations which can meet such tough requirements and yet, it should be profit making for the owners. At present, roughly 60% of the existing substations have completed their operational life. And moreover, the replacement of the conventional Air Insulated Switchgears, AIS (like circuit-breakers and disconnectors) are not economical. In addition, the further remodeling / upgradation of existing substations demands high flexibility on pre-installed control systems. The limited downtime of the operational substation is also a key factor towards unability of expansion of existing power substation.

Now, the time has come for a reliable, simplified, maintenance free, factory tested and environment friendly solutions. All these challenges are completely satisfied by “Hybrid Switchgear”.

该混合解决方案使用现有的测试和trusted GIS components together with a conventional and extremely reliable AIS bus to connect the various hybrid modules. All the necessary substation switchgears functions like a circuit breaker, one/more combined disconnector/ground switches, bushings for connection to single or double busbar systems and a CT (current transformer) are integrated in one compact module. This eliminates the need for separate pieces of equipment for each function.

In short, you can understand it as : It combines all the typical functions of a complete AIS bay for electrical substations in a unit whose volume is comparable to that of a conventional circuit-breaker of equal class.

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