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Top Amazon Services You Must Know-Digital Credit, APO, Cart Info

We all know Amazon as the top online shopping site to buy anything and everything. However, there are many top Amazon Services we are not aware of. This article will discuss about Top Amazon Services You must know viz Amazon message center, Digital Credit, APO Orders, Cart to Word, etc.

How to use Amazon Services for Online Shopping

网上购物在任何网站类似于购物in a supermarket. Search the item you are looking for, add it to the cart, check out and your order is delivered. Amazon is an international company that started as an online bookstore. Shopping through Amazon online services is definitely a boon in this pandemic.


Fig. 1 – Introduction to Amazon

For a beginner, follow the steps mentioned below to shop online:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go through the different units and find your category. Click on the category.
  3. When you find the product you want, select it.
  4. After selecting, review the item and click onAdd to Cart.
  5. Then selectProceed to Check out. Here you need to add your shipping address, the address where you want your product delivered.
  6. After adding the shipping address, clickContinue. After adding the shipping address, you will need to select the shipping speed. If you want your product delivered faster, you will need to spend more.
  7. After selecting the Shipping speed, click Continue.
  8. You will be taken to the payment page, select the mode of payment and click Continue.
  9. On the next screen you can check your order and make any changes if necessary and click ‘Place Your Order’. This will take care of your order on Amazon.

Amazon Webpage

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Fig. 2 – Amazon Webpage

What is Amazon Cart

Amazon Cart is a temporary shopping basket to stock a list of orders. The shopping cart reflects each order’s most recent price. You can park your items here before you make the final decision to buy the item.

How to Export Amazon Shopping Cart to Word Document

With a personal copy, it is always easy to review your wish list without logging in to the app. To export, we need to login and reach for the Amazon shopping cart. In the shopping cart, right click on any blank area and click Select All to select all the items you want to export to word. Once the items are selected click copy and paste it to the already opened Microsoft word. Here most of the items are copied with both text and images.

One more option to export is toconvert the web page into pdfformat and then convert pdf format into Microsoft Word format. The format will not be like the webpage, but it looks better than direct copy and paste option.

How to Order for APO Address Using Amazon Services

APO Address stands for Army Post Office address used by the US Military Postal Service to hand over mail and packages to military crew. It is associated with the US Army and the Air Force. There are some extra considerations when you book with an APO address. Firstly, you need to check if the item is eligible for APO shipping. There is a list of items, which cannot be shipped to APO. They are apparels, cellphones, cameras, electronics, health and personal care, lithium batteries, standalone lithium batteries, lithium batteries along with electronic equipment, etc.

Steps to Order for APO Address

Fig. 3– Steps to Order for APO Address

After entering the address, if your order is not eligible for shipping, you will be prompted with an error message at checkout. The eligibility of the product to be shipped can be checked at the product detail page. To ship an order that is eligible, you need to set the City to APO, type theState/Province/Regionto AA, AE, or AP, and type the Country/Region as “United States”. These deliveries may take up to 21 business days for delivery.

How to Respond to Amazon Messages

To respond to messages, we need to access the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service also called as Amazon Message Center. It is a messaging service to connect with buyers/ sellers.

Amazon Message Center

This is one of the Top Amazon Services. To access the Message Center, we need to:

  1. Login to
  2. After logging in, you find three horizontal lines on the left corner, click on that.
  3. After clicking on that, go to Your Account.
  4. UnderYour Accountmenu, you will find theMessage Center.
  5. Under theMessage Centertab, you have two options –Your MessagesandDeal Notifications.
  6. When you click on ‘Your Messages’, you will find options ofAll Messages,Buyer/Seller Messages, andSent Messages. This option allows you to connect with the seller regarding any query about your order. You can check all your previous communication with the sellers. You can also attach attachments about your query to the sellers.
  7. UnderDeal Notifications, you will find the latest deals available for you.

Buyer/Seller Message Menu

Fig. 5 – Buyer/ Seller Messages Using Amazon Services

Amazon Order History

This tool provides you all the details of your Order. It includes details of the product ordered, time, vendor, order history and the payment system. It also allows you to see the return and refund details if any. You can access your Order history on the tab “Your Orders”.

Login to your account and on the right-hand side you will find the tabYour Orders. You have a filter option which allows you to filter by Order type and time filter. Order type allows you to filter orders from not yet shipped and cancelled orders. Time filter allows you to filter it from the last 30 days to the last five years.

Can you Delete your Order History on Amazon

这是可悲的是没有,但有办法隐藏自己orders. You can archive selected orders. Login to Go to Your Orders and select the order you like to archive. SelectArchive Order. This option is not available on the app and is only available on the desktop login. Once selected, the order history will be removed from default order history. It can be viewed any time from the View‘Archived Orders’tab.

Amazon Digital Credit Services

Amazon Services gives digital rewards to all its Prime members when they choose to get an order delivered with no hurry. To avail Amazon Digital Credit Services, you need to selectNo-Rush Shippingat checkout. Once you choose No-Rush Shipping, the shopping portal provides two offers, either an instant discount, which is immediately applied to the present order or will offer a reward to your account after your order has been shipped. An email will be sent to your registered e-mail ID with the details of the rewards.

These rewards can be applied to orders which indicate the same during checkout. These rewards can be used to buy digital products such as digital music, eBooks, Kindle, video downloads and apps at Amazon Appstore. There will be an expiry date to the Digital Credit, and it will be mentioned in the email where other information of the reward is available. Digital Credit is offered only to the Prime members.

How to Check Digital Credit Balance via Amazon Services

Follow the mentioned steps to check Digital Credit balance:

  1. Enter the login credentials on the webpage or app.
  2. Go to theCredit Redeem Pageand click it.
  3. After you click on the Credit Redeem Page selectEnter Your Code.
  4. This button will show you a list of all your credit balances.
  5. Visit the No-rush Credit links and you can check your No-rush Reward Balances and the expiry date of the rewards.
  6. The link shows the balance of both Digital Rewards and Prime Now Rewards.

Amazon No-rush Credit

Fig. 4 – No-rush Credit in Top Amazon Services

How to Add to an Existing Amazon Order

There is no feature to add an order to an already existing order, but you can place another order and Amazon combines the order even though you have ordered separately.

There are a few shipping orders, which allows you to consolidate your orders and they are:

  1. Amazon Day Delivery
  2. Fewest Possible Packages

Amazon Day Delivery

You can choose Amazon DayDeliveryoption while checking out to select a particular day of the week and have all your orders delivered on that particular day.

Fewest Possible Packages

If you choose this option at checkout, Amazon Services combines all the orders arranged to be delivered that day.

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Chakrasthitha is a B.E (Medical Electronics) and has work experience in MatLab and Lab View Software as Design Engineer at BCS innovations and Manipal hospital as Biomedical Engineer. She is an author, editor and partner at Electricalfundablog.


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